About Anita

Hello! I’m Anita, a marketing and comms enthusiast based in Toronto.

An avid wine-lover and foodie, I find inspiration through big think and policy books and finding ways to develop my skill set. I’m always on the pursuit of betterment and am always testing different mental frameworks to optimize my life. I’m a yogi and meditation enthusiast as well as a part-time astrologer.

My primary interests revolve around technology, marketing, and communications. A major tenant of my work in the last 5 years has revolved around communicating and educating people on the future of work and offering people the tools they need to succeed in a changing workplace. From AI and building relationships to creating a strong diversity and inclusion culture for incoming generations.

My background includes working in the legal field, advocacy in the government space and working on my own entrepreneurial ventures.

Among other things, I enjoy traveling the world and seeing sites while backpacking and connecting with others.

This site is a fusion of my musings and my work. Peruse at your leisure, and drop me a line, or check out my Linkedin if you’d like to learn more about me, or are interested in working together.