As I mentioned in my previous – and first – blog post, what is ed I have a couple things I want to focus on while abroad.

I think that everyone that knows me can attest to one truth about Anita: I never found it easy to stay in one place. I’m dedicated and committed to something that I believe in, hospital but it’s rate to find longevity and excitement in something, viagra 60mg unless I am doing it on my own.

With that being said, I don’t know what I thought I would find committing to a situation that I have never been attracted to before? The last two years have been a learning experience for me, work and play-wise. At the age of 26, I found myself in possession of more things than I thought I would have: a full-time job, a house and working towards a pension plan. I’m lucky. Don’t get me wrong at all – I’m fortunate and so few people my age and of my generation can boast the same. In fact, the majority of people in my life don’t even have a job that provides them with fulfillment. When I think about that, I wonder to myself… am I asking for too much?

I’ve always led with the principle belief that I would never settle. Never settle for bad or toxic friendships, never settle for a relationship with a person who was not my equal, never settle for a workplace that did not respect and nourish my growth and my autonomy. But have I set myself up for failure? I’m not comparing myself against any other measure – while I acknowledge the potential of excellence in others, which could one day be mirrored through my actions, and my success, I know that my only competition is with myself.

I’m on day 5 of this journey and can’t believe that I’m here. The last couple days have been a little crazy; I’ve made some new friends, learning to ride a scooter – wow… and learning to love myself a little more, and a little differently than usual. It’s all a process, but I’m feeling better about my choice every day – my choice to leave home and embark on this journey. Taking a step like this can be scary, since I knew that I wouldn’t be coming home the same.