As for me, cure I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, troche and land on barbarous coasts.” – Herman Melville


Is it true that innately within each of us is a yearning to explore, to discover and to travel? Is there a need to visit far off places and remote worlds? Personally, this assumption holds fast and true for me, and I know that if the world had not been explored yet, I would readily jump on a vessel and go forth!

I recently stumbled upon this short film that features satellite imagery from NASA with a cool voice over from Carl Sagan explaining the desire within us all to see what is beyond our atmosphere. The video creates a world where humans have figured out space travel, and now are exploring those far off planets and their moons. The film is entirely speculative, but offers an interesting view of what could come. Imagine, trekking across Europa or staring up at the rings of Saturn… intense.

The director has used a mix of real images and has created his own sets to mimic what a planet may actually look like (when we finally get there, of course!). Check out the video below and as a bonus, here is some beautiful artwork from the short.