Issues with Reintegration and Self-Perception Post-Travel

It’s always a struggle for me when I go away on an adventure. Anytime I travel, I know that it’s inevitable that I will return changed in someway; but truthfully, every person changes each minute of the day, every second, through every conversation and interaction, through every breath and blink. I can’t imagine not coming back different in some way. My perception and understanding of things shift, and my traumas and issues that I’m dealing with seem to not dull, but to lessen. Either way, Bali and the Unsettled experience proved to help shape me, and change certain parts of myself. Unfortunately it did open up a whole new set of questions and issues that I still have to delve deep into: where am I going? who do I want to be? where should I put my efforts, and where shouldn’t I? I’m still shifting back into regular life, but finding…

Working on the Space between my ears: meditation and a new habit challenge

Is the grass always greener on the other side? This short film contends with ideas of perspective, secrecy and control. Wonderfully written, it kept my attention until the last second and drew me in with a hope that the main characters would find the peace they were striving for. This feeling was very similar to what I felt while I was reading 1984 by Orwell, which if you haven’t read yet, is a must read, especially in these times where surveillance and political manipulation of citizens is at a head. Take a few minutes to check this short out, it’ll make you question the world you live in and what you’ve been taught. I was going through my photos of Cambodia and Vietnam this week and I started to relive the wonderful moments of my impromptu trip earlier this year. Here are a few that I found notable, treat and wanted…