Issues with Reintegration and Self-Perception Post-Travel

It’s always a struggle for me when I go away on an adventure. Anytime I travel, I know that it’s inevitable that I will return changed in someway; but truthfully, every person changes each minute of the day, every second, through every conversation and interaction, through every breath and blink. I can’t imagine not coming back different in some way. My perception and understanding of things shift, and my traumas and issues that I’m dealing with seem to not dull, but to lessen. Either way, Bali and the Unsettled experience proved to help shape me, and change certain parts of myself. Unfortunately it did open up a whole new set of questions and issues that I still have to delve deep into: where am I going? who do I want to be? where should I put my efforts, and where shouldn’t I? I’m still shifting back into regular life, but finding…

Working on the Space between my ears: meditation and a new habit challenge

Personal development is the name of this game. I’ve been on a quest this year to be more creative and so far it’s been pretty fruitful; free writing a little more, ampoule signing up for a hip hop dancing class, patient and pushing myself to read more fiction (as it apparently breeds empathy and creativity). My 26th year was characterized by an influx of change, growth and understanding of loss—loss of material goods and finding myself through non-tangible goals. Now, a couple weeks into my 27th year, I’ve made a conscious effort to try and centre myself. I’ve picked up doing yoga consistently and now I have this new challenge: 3 weeks of mediation for 20 minutes a day. So why meditation? I’m sure you’ve caught wind of the new trend of articles coming out promoting meditation and growth – in a non-spiritual way. It’s a chance to find and build practices in…