There Were No Signs

Disclaimer: sponsored post ahead (but a VERY good recipe as well!)I’ve been through Spain in the past and thought that I had tried many of their local delicacies. But I realized recently that I’ve never had persimmons before – up until this year, to me they were just these pretty little fruits that sat in the exotic fruits section at Loblaws. Earlier this month I received some Persimons and was asked to bake something nice with them. So, I’m here to share with you my baking experience with these beautiful bright orange fruits, and to tell you about a special contest to win a one week trip for 2 to Valencia, Spain – home of the Persimon! To qualify, check out this link. Anyways, before I begin, here is a couple fun facts about this particular variety persimmons: – You may note that the spelling is different; this is intentional and the name was changed to differentiate this…