Why the colour of your coffee mug matters

CANADIANS LOVE COFFEE According to Coffee Association of Canada,  coffee is the most popular beverage amongst adult Canadians over 16 – even more than tap water! Meaning, that coffee is a pretty important part of a regular Canadian’s day-to-day. The industry contributed $6.2 billion to the overall Canadian economy and  $4.8 billion sales in foodservice. Of the traditional importing markets – North America, Europe and Japan, Canada is showing, by a considerable degree, the fastest sustained growth in the last decade. Restaurateurs are finding ways to add this favourite hot beverage to their menus in different, and exciting ways. Coffee and tea have traditionally been integrated into food, as well as shaken iced teas and cold-brews, as explained in the recent MENU Magazine article. With this item becoming more and more popular each and every day, we know how important it is to our industry as a whole. The incentive to drink…

Unsettling the Settled

As I mentioned in my previous – and first – blog post, what is ed I have a couple things I want to focus on while abroad. I think that everyone that knows me can attest to one truth about Anita: I never found it easy to stay in one place. I’m dedicated and committed to something that I believe in, hospital but it’s rate to find longevity and excitement in something, viagra 60mg unless I am doing it on my own. With that being said, I don’t know what I thought I would find committing to a situation that I have never been attracted to before? The last two years have been a learning experience for me, work and play-wise. At the age of 26, I found myself in possession of more things than I thought I would have: a full-time job, a house and working towards a pension…

The beginning

Earlier this year I read an astrology prediction for my sign. “Leo, more about ” it said sagely, dosage “look out for changes in your living arrangements and prepare for an expansion of your world. This could be from changing how you live, cost to traveling.” I scoffed. I had just returned from Paris – broke – and since being in a committed relationship, travelling had become harder and harder to do while solo. I was looking forward to sticking around a bit and maybe enjoying all that Toronto had to offer. For my boyfriend’s 30th birthday (his champagne 30th, may I add) in May, we decided to take a whirlwind, adventure trip: backpacking through Peru for 2 weeks. This was the closest I was coming to understanding that prophecy that my astrological prediction had set out for me. Despite having this on the burner, I felt myself yearning for…


Is the grass always greener on the other side? This short film contends with ideas of perspective, secrecy and control. Wonderfully written, it kept my attention until the last second and drew me in with a hope that the main characters would find the peace they were striving for. This feeling was very similar to what I felt while I was reading 1984 by Orwell, which if you haven’t read yet, is a must read, especially in these times where surveillance and political manipulation of citizens is at a head. Take a few minutes to check this short out, it’ll make you question the world you live in and what you’ve been taught.

Revamping and Reworking

Welcome to my new blog! I shut down my old one and decided it needed a new revamping. There is a lot of work left to do, help but I’m glad I finally did it.While I don’t normally believe in New Years Resolutions, about it I wanted to make an effort to be more creative in 2014. This meant allowing myself access to hobbies and situations that helped foster and flourish creativity. I’ve painted, been drawing, listening to music and contemplating picking up the flute again, and EVEN thinking about taking Hip Hop classes — writing is just another one that I know I can do, and will easily help get my creative juices flowing. Here goes nothing!Anita