Ingredients For a Healthy Breakfast

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Monday’s Mini Manifesto: Patriotism and Nationhood

I’d never really had an understanding of what it meant to be patriotic. University can be blamed; taking courses that examined the concept of nationhood, nation states and the resounding affects that these concepts had on us, and how we dealt with others, left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Further, sitting at the sidelines beside the US and watching how they would use the concepts of patriotism to exert control over their citizens to fuel wars and increase capitalist hegemony. Through my years of studying politics, taking an active role in it and attempting to affect change, I’ve recognized that as a political and social construct, there have been some very negative repercussions that have emerged from nation identity and patriotism. I do know that there are positives and that while I feel this current system isn’t working, I do recognize that I barely have an idea…